Discounted fare or quality rides? Battle of preferences

Discounted fare or quality rides? Battle of preferences

In 2018, a giant cab aggregator introduced heavy discount on fares but of course, there was a catch. The carpool booked using this promo code will not arrive at the destination of the passenger, instead, the passenger will be expected to walk a few miles to meet the cab. The discounted fares were more than impressive but did not turn out to be the best option for people who were crunched for time, which is the case for most of us. 

This is one example where the customer finds himself in a dilemma and has to choose between a convenient ride or a discounted one. 

Competition in the cab aggregator industry is at its peak and this has not only helped bring the creativity but has also introduced many discount offers that attract a wide customer base and increases the frequency of cab bookings. 

Discounted fares may help in attracting more customers but the total collected fare for each driver reduces so to make up for that, incentive strategy comes into the picture. The incentives also depend on the number of trips completed so drivers remain motivated to work harder but more often than not, taking too many trips exhausts them. 

Since the vehicles are on the road for almost all day, this leaves no time for the car owner to take the vehicle for regular maintenance which results in frequent breakdowns, incomplete trips, late arrivals, and trip cancellations. 

When the driver is taking trips with regular fare, they are able to achieve their target of the day in 6-8 hours. That allows them to take a few breaks and reduces overall stress. This also makes the experience of the passengers better as the driver is attentive and well-behaved during the trip. 

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