Traveling as a corporate employee- Role of cab booking services

Traveling as a corporate employee- Role of cab booking services

Late working hours, commute distance and surge price are a few things that may discourage employees from working efficiently in a corporate environment.  Finding a ride at late hours used to be a struggle in itself and safety is another issue that needs to be addressed. 

Cab booking apps have successfully changed the scenario of corporate traveling in this way. MNCs that have operational offices in big cities like Pune, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, etc.  are making a wise move by tying up with cab aggregators to make the traveling experience for their employees better.

This arrangement not only makes sense for the passengers but for the companies as well.  Tying up with cab aggregators reduces the hassle of keeping a track of reimbursements. Keeping track of travel account on digitally monitored platform helps them plan their expenses and takes the pressure off the employees as they can directly login to the system and book rides on their own. 

This type of association also provides great scope for savings for corporate accounts. Employees can avail individual benefits as well as company benefits. People working in shifts also prefer companies that have tie-ups with cab booking apps as safety too and is a major factor in deciding for a job. 

Technological advancement has played a major role in the cab aggregator industry. Compiling the information and data in one place and being able to keep track of real-time movement is a huge benefit offered by cab booking apps

The next major contribution is of customer services and fare charting. Companies look into base fares and price per kilometer that is charged for each ride. ShopiCab offers reasonable rates along with quality service that not only will maintain the standard of your company but our services will also become a preferred one amongst employees. 

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