Common mistakes we make while booking a cab

Common mistakes we make while booking a cab

More often than not, we do not explore cab booking apps before confirming the ride and that leads to a bad experience, one that could have been avoided. Not only do we end up paying more fare, it may also discourage us from using cab booking apps in the future. To make most of the services offered by cab aggregators, it is best to know our way around the app so that we are well versed with all the services offered and it can even help us know about certain conditional discounts that cab aggregators offer. 

Here are a few common mistakes that we make while booking cabs and how they can be avoided. 

Choosing the wrong fleet  

 Choosing the wrong type of car is the most common mistake made by commuters while booking a ride. Before confirming, make sure you choose the best-suited vehicle for your journey. If you are traveling alone, you can choose from Pool, Mini, and Micro cabs and if you are traveling with a group, you can choose from SUVs and XL. The fare is charged based on the type of fleet and the number of seats available is mentioned with the estimated fare displayed on the app. 

Not knowing the cancellation policy

A cancellation charge is applied in case there are any cancellations from either the driver or the passenger. There are certain cases when cancellation charges applied are more than usual. It is best to be aware of a cab booking app’s cancellation policy. The terms and conditions will help you understand how and when you may find credits on your account and also help you figure out a way to communicate with customer care in case of any misunderstanding. 

No Knowledge of surge pricing 

You might know an estimated fare of the cab during the day but it might not be the same at night. This can mess with the budget of your day as well. A little research before starting to use a certain app can save you a lot of money. If you are a frequent traveler and visit a few places on daily basis, do take out time to know the traffic conditions and busy hours around that area so that you don’t get charged above the normal fare. 

Not being aware of the availability of cabs 

It might be easy to reach a place and surprisingly difficult to come back. This may also affect the availability of cabs in the area. Always know beforehand if there are limited availabilities in a certain area so that you can find the nearest public transport for the transit. 

Here are a few mistakes that we make as an uninformed passenger. Cab booking apps are designed keeping the convenience of users in mind. It is on us to make the best use of the services. Understanding these apps is very simple and takes just a few minutes. You can also contribute with the help of your feedback to make the experience of other users better. After completing the ride, make sure that you rate your experience so that aggregators can work to improve their services.  

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