Traveling between cities? Here is how to make the most of ShopiCab app

Traveling between cities? Here is how to make the most of ShopiCab app

Traveling back and forth from your city to another can not only be tiring but not knowing the best way to make trips to places can also make it expensive. Cab booking apps make it easier for daily commuters to travel within cities. 

Recent news came out addressing the expensive fare that was charged from a man who was new in Pune city. He ended up paying in thousands for a ride that was only of few kilometers. 

Life should be filled with interesting experiences but it is best not to have a first-hand experience of some and to save you an expensive ride that may stay in your mind for the wrong reasons, ShopiCab is here to take care of all your traveling needs at a reasonable fare. 

Here are a few ways in which you can make the most of your ShopiCab cab booking app:

Advance Scheduling– Book your rides in advance through ShopiCab cab booking services and never worry about reaching your destination on time. Whether you have to get to the airport early in the morning or take off early for a road trip, our cab booking app connects you with nearby drivers according to your convenience at any time of the day. 

Save frequent locations- Shopicab allows you to save frequently visited locations. Book your ride quickly with the help of these features without wasting time on entering landmarks again and again. You can also get information regarding estimated fare anytime. 

Make use of airport discounts –  Avail special airport discounts through ShopiCab app, every time you book a ride to the airport. These discounts help you save a lot on trips you make to the airport. Different cities have different discount codes so make sure you insert the right one each time your city is changed. 

Make multiple stops during your trip– Wish to pick a colleague along the way or quickly want to eat the most scrumptious snack the city has to offer? Make multiple stops during your trip with ShopiCab. With low waiting charges and trained drivers, tick everything off your task list before heading to the final destination of the day. 

Here are a few features of the ShopiCab cab booking app that you can take advantage of. Download Shopicab today and avail all the limited period introductory discounts. To know more about Shopicab, click here                                                                                                               

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