Benefits of using cashless modes of transaction for cab booking apps

Benefits of using cashless modes of transaction for cab booking apps

With an increase in the number of online transactional apps in the market, people have started to maintain e-wallets on various apps. These apps give people the option of paying flexibly and the ones with a safe getaway system have been able to establish trust amongst users. 

While people in rural parts of India are still not confident about using e-wallets and digital methods of payment, the urban population, on the other hand, is turning to these apps and has started to use it on a daily basis. These apps alone are not considered to be a major mode of transaction, the introduction of debit and credit cards has been a base of this technological advancement in the online mode of payment

According to an article published by Economic Times in 2017, a report on digital payments in India, “total payments via digital instruments are expected to touch $500 billion by 2020. By then the Fintech companies will be worth about $2.4 billion”.

Time has changed with a fast pace and digital wallets became a popular mode of transaction. The urban population who has the privilege of spending money on shopping, commute (cab booking apps), food delivery, etc. come across lucrative offers on these apps. The discount offers available help the urban dwellers to save money big time. Since jobs have become demanding these days, people prefer having every service at the tip of their fingers, even the different modes of payment. 

Even while booking cabs, convenience has become a major reason as to why people prefer traveling cashless. 

The exclusive offers available with cab booking apps helps commuters to save money on traveling.

To conclude, it may not be the best time to go entirely cashless but making the most of digital wallets can help you save more than just a few bucks and reduces time spent on arranging change, withdrawing cash, etc., savings are just an added advantage. 

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