How to Avoid Cancellation Charges?

How to Avoid Cancellation Charges?

Cancellation fees with online cab booking are something hard to waive off these days. Cash shelled out with random instances of cancellations leading to user dissatisfaction. People are out there reporting complaints with a little hope of getting rid of this spare outflow. So, what’s on board to mend these annulment charges? 

Intelligent moves are always better than losing cash – think smart!

Shopicab App, being the recent most include in India’s cab aggregator market, has come up with exciting thoughts on waiving off cancellation fees. Keep a note of the following and you can easily avoid cancellation charges. 

Cancel on time & save your penny

For some reason or otherwise, if you need to cancel the ride, do it beforehand. Save the driver’s time and estimated fuel consumption in reaching you. It’s wise of you to do the needful within five minutes of online car rental and there won’t be any cancellation charge. Otherwise, you have to compensate monetarily for the chauffer’s time and effort detriment as per the cab aggregator rules. 

Book your cab only when set to go

People, often, have to pay compensatory charges for keeping the cab waiting for a long period. This leads to cancellation from the driver’s end as they tend to lose several bookings for the same. The cancellation charge gets added to your next trip fare, resulting in expensive bills. To avoid these hassles, book a cab only when you are ready to head out and make sure you reach the pickup point on or before the cab arrival time. 

Enter your precise destination 

Many times, the driver cancels the trip without getting a proper idea of the pickup location. They need to identify the exact place to reach the destination on time. Try to give the location, precisely, and stay available over calls if you wish to escape random cancellations. Use the GPS for automatic identification of your location and move the pin to place it specifically. 

Evading the cancellation fees is no trouble when you put the above in action during online car booking. In case you still find a cancellation charge on your rides, don’t hesitate to put in or request a refund. Clearly describe your issue for easy perusal. Customer support executives at Shopicab App are there for you 24*7 and help you solve the matter almost immediately. 

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