5 Ways Shopicab Ensures Stress-Free Last Minute Travel Plans

5 Ways Shopicab Ensures Stress-Free Last Minute Travel Plans

Last minute travel plans are always exciting but it remains enveloped with a lot of stresses and hassles. Foremost of them is to get a cab as most of the chauffers tend to cancel outstation rides, leaving the customers all the more stressed out and hassled.

Online car booking – the idea is changing!

Being aware of the integral difficulties, Shopicab thought of making things easier for the passengers. Now, get a cab on rent in Pune for intercity or outstations plan and enjoy your stroll. Here’re the customer benefits that come along with car hire from Shopicab. 

Online car booking
  1. Round the clock availability:

Most of the cab aggregator promise of 24*7 online booking but not everyone keeps that promise. In comparison, you’ll never have to face challenges like unavailability or scarcity of cabs, here. Download the app and sign up to book anytime, anywhere. Be it the dead hours of night or the busiest time of the day, delayed booking is definitely not a problem with Shopicab.  

2. Faster booking, quick arrival:

Online car rental is easier with fast booking facility. Strategists, here, thought wisely of eradicating the unnecessary buffer time in order to save customer’s valuable hours. In addition to that, cabs arrive quickly at the destination depending on your location accuracy. That’s why it’s important for you to enter the pickup point as accurately possible. 

3. No unwanted cancellation:

In today’s date, biggest issue with car hire is random cancellation. Drivers call off the rides for causes like distance, time, effort or else. However, Shopicab ensures no-cancellation. It maintains a strong relationship with the driver partners by offering them several benefits, incentives and certification, which motivates them to take every possible booking, immediately. 

4.  Just on-time airport transfers:

Missing flights is a major concern with the last moment travel plans. People, often, head out late and fail to reach the airports on time. Now, here’s a solution! Get quick airport transfer facility from Shopicab car booking app. Book a cab online, forget the fear of missing flight, and travel in comfort. 

5. Inexpensive booking fares:

Often, people cancel a ride and try another with a hope of inexpensive car rental. However, that’s far reaching as all the existing cab aggregators tend to keep rates higher than normal. It results in trip cancellation at most of the instances but now plan and move with Shopicab. Here, charges never go hard on your pocket, so enjoy low-fare travelling with your friends and family. 

Make your plan and book a Shopicab

Now, put all the stresses of last minute travelling out of your mind. Download Shopicab App and sign up with your credentials for easy booking and rental. Travel across Pune or book for outstations and enjoy comfort ride in cheap fare. 

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