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Last updated: 21st August 2019

Terms of Use

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Cancellation Policy

You agree and acknowledge that you may cancel your request for a vehicle is subjected to a cancellation fee as explained below.

In Micro/Mini/Prime/Sedan/SUV/Luxury/Rental Cancellation fee will be charged

  • If you cancel the cab after 5 minutes of its allotment or
  • If a driver cancels the trip after waiting at your location for more than 10 minutes
  • 1 You shall be notified about the applicable cancellation fee in advance if you attempt to cancel a booking/service request. The notification shall be on the Application and/or on the site.
  • 2 The cancellation fee shall be charged according to the aforementioned rules and regulations. The cancellation fee shall be payable by you at the completion of your ride.

Scope of Liability

  • This site, mobile app, or ShopiCab call centre gives you information, which is for the general purpose only and does not constitute advice. While ShopiCab will try to keep the site and its content free from errors and updated in the best possible manner, we do not guarantee that (the content of) the site does not have any errors, defects, malware, and viruses, or that the site is correct, up to date and accurate.
  • ShopiCab will not assume liability if you miss trains/flights/events or in the event of any delay to reach your destination, as the service is dependent on many factors of force majeure that are beyond ShopiCab’s control. You should book your ride after due consideration of the check-in time, traffic and weather conditions, political rallies, natural calamities, traffic barricades, car breakdowns, and other unexpected delays.
  • For any damages, resulting from the inability to use the site or accessing it thereof, including damages caused by the wrong usage of the site, error in calling the call centre helpline, network issues, malware, viruses or any incorrectness or incompleteness of the information on the site or the application, ShopiCab will take no responsibility for it.
  • You are the only person to assume responsibility for all your items, luggage, and belongings. In any instance of loss of personal goods post the completion of a trip, ShopiCab will try to locate the lost item(s) on their best effort but will not assume liability for any damage and/or loss of your goods. If you leave any belongings in the vehicle or have any complaint regarding the use and/or service of the vehicle, you have to inform ShopiCab about the same in writing within 24 hours of using the vehicle and/or the services of ShopiCab. In the event of any lost item being reported and recovered by the driver or any ShopiCab employee, you shall be intimated by the company office, and you are expected to collect your possessions from our office premises. ShopiCab will not take the responsibility of delivering the goods to any of the addresses, that is, origin or destination, which you have used at the time of availing personal transport from us.
  • ShopiCab does not assure a complete sustainability of its services, and shall not be held responsible or liable for the same, in any manner.
  • ShopiCab will not take responsibility for any loss of communication/information of status update and benefits offered. All information in relation to the same will be sent to the customer, that is, on the email-id and/or mobile number that a rider has chosen to use before requesting our personal transport services. We will not be responsible for the appropriateness of email, mobile, or any other communication medium. You shall be the only person responsible for informing us about the errors/anomalies/discrepancies at the earliest, if any, which you may have found in the received information from our end concerning the confirmation of a booking.
  • For no reason whatsoever ShopiCab will assume liability for any losses and/or damages, including though not limited to indirect, direct, incidental, punitive, consequential, or special, may it be based on tort, contract, strict liability, and negligence, or thereof, even if the company is advised of the likelihood otherwise.
  • In the event that the applicable law does not permit the exclusion of certain warranties, or the limitation or exclusion of liability, the scope and duration of such warranty exclusions and the extent of the liability of ShopiCab shall be the minimum permitted under applicable law.